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Wiz Khalifa - Far From Coach Fеаt. The Game & Stat Quo

23 июля 2012 г. Просмотров: 1782 RSS
W » Wiz Khalifa

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa/ Game]

And the kush became so strong

And the flights became private

And the bread became so long

Fast money and fly whips

We high, don’t stop the smoke

And we fly G5, we so far from coach

Now you see why, when we high, can’t stop the smoke

And we fly G5, we so far from coach

[Verse 1: Game]

Smokin’ that Buddah fillin’

Blowin’ that Kudda illin’

I’m runnin’ through the millions

I’m sittin’ roofless chillin’

Koolaid in the polar bear

They flockin’ cause they know it’s there

Money game, money straight

Like Joe Key and Noah had

That’s no bullshit, game time

Make you niggas change minds

Forfeit, or consume a full clip

Nigga like me eatin’ small fish

With your bitch watchin’ Swordfish

Niggas can’t ignore this

You can’t afford this, extravagant shit

We Louie Gucci Birkin baggin’ this shit

Bag of the piff

Hot-boxin’ in the back of the six

With Jimi Hendrix on, immaculate shit

Long way from Compton

Where we used to bag it in shifts with mags and the clips

Hurricane, right back on the shit

Back on the block with a package of spliffs

From blowin’ cats, it’s the Wiz, what it is


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]

Uh, you niggas want kush? We got ounces

Corgies we got pounds, clips we got rounds

Hundred thousand dollars when I skip through your town

Baller shit, don’t even want a piece, man, we want all of it

Thirty thousand on the piece where my collar sit

Went so hard in the middle, East don’t know what to call this shit

Now I’m buyin’ up all the champagne

Drinkin’ away all of my problems, bitch

Might sound crazy

But I just left the private plane, promoter paid 100k

And I ain’t even stay the whole day

Hit the crib, bought a pound and smoked the whole thing

That Givency Men’s collection, copped the whole thing

Not to mention all these diamonds in my gold ring

Made it to the top with nobody knowin’

Niggas say they safe, but nobody’s showin’

Man he beats this shit, but nobody flowin’

Old Versace shit, the newest Rick Owens

If I’m rollin’ it, you know that it’s potent

With the Game and we smokin’


[Verse 3: Stat Quo]

Hah, it’s self-explanatory how we get it

Roll the purp in a plane ticket

Stat hop to that money, but I don’t ribbit

Post playa ball, nice in the pivot, Jays on but I fuck with Pippin

Kays on when them niggas trippin’

Uh, pools of your partner blood, ya boy stay slippin’

Never tippin’, stay sippin’

Court side, Blake Griffin

Stay missin’, stackin’ fitted while you niggas stay bitchin’

Coka and Boca, the kush of them strokers

Grand daddy and oova, blow that smoke to Jehovah

Four-fifty my motor, use your bitch for my chauffeur

I encoded the cobra, mark priced the Rover

T-top in the Trans, hit the gas and it’s over

Bitch please, this is how we get them hoes the doja

I got shooters, I know growers from Vancouver

Plus I’m cooler than the cooler at your grandmomma’s picnic

Bitch you?

Somethin’ chill from Brazil, on the L

With Wiz and Game, my life is like Corona commercials

Family matters, Kevin Love at you Urkles

That’s them wolves, niggas

They here to reverse birth you

Murk you, lights out no curfew

Bitch ain’t stoppin’ ’till my unborn seed’s seed is rich

Or ’till Jesus sit right next to me and smoke ’till the seasons switch, my nigga


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