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Текст песни Drake - A Scorpio's Mind (feat. Nickelus F)

19 декабря 2013 г. Просмотров: 1121 RSS
D » Drake

[Nickelus F: speaking]

Niggas in the city hatin' me man they trippin'

When I'm the only one that's really spittin'

My nigga Lil Lee the only one that's really grippin'

Why you deck(?) me up actin' like like we cool if you don't feel him nigga?

Uh, I'm bringing back hip hop

Me and my nigga Drake

VA, Toronto, Hip-Hop

[Verse: Nickelus F]

Aiight let me take my jacket off

Unlace the timbs, here again comes the jabberjaw

This time I'm blabbin on

These rappers that feel a certain way but they get me yappin off

Mad cuz the freestyle iller than they whole catalog

I got the gift like Santa Claus

Flow got spring like a catapult

Matter fact the flow Supreme like Diana Ross

I'm at the do' like a deer with the antlers off

Niggas acting like Scummy was they neega(?)

Wouldn't even give my man a 12 bar feature

I know who you are cause he wanted me to eat ya

I said nah lets keep it peaceful

My nigga was a true weed source

He gave it to us for a cheap cost, for prices we all could eat off

A real street dog

The type of nigga that y'all niggas be studying learning how to get street off

We have an impostor, alert the doctor

Bout to hit him up with the chopper like Blaka

Shock em like Blanca from Street Fighter, heat got a

Hurricane kick, murder everything quick

Look, my new Ryu nine is stupendous

Why do guys choose my crew to pick wit

My crew lie you guys into ditches

I said it and meant it the Scorpio's Mind has many dimensions

I'll say it in intent, sentence, indent, on instant pimpin

Hope your listenin to my diction

If you are then you now should be itchin

That its crack we placed in your stereo system

Yea, I be at your burial trippin

Nickelus F from Richmond


The Scorpio's Mind is not a game to play wit all day

[Verse: Drake]

I've been hated by many, wanted by plenty

Disliked by some, but confronted by none

Since they don't show me sincerity, I load up, lock up

Take shots at em I guess you could call it a parody

But compared to D

They one-fourth from watermelon to a quarter felon, dude you a pear to me

If that's not how it is it ain't how it appear to be

You got blind heaters, in my sweats is a mind reader

And when the psychic get to touchin my palm

Seein your physical, the things that you never say to me visible

Especially when one of your artist feelin threatened

Cause I'm harnessin a weapon, won't you pardon my reflection

Mirror, mirror tell me why they wanna get and scrimmage

To play around, to perfection I'm the spittin image

My verbal camp is vivid, I told you I'm spittin image

It seems we often want to start but never get to finish

My verbal campus is Villanova, and those of you feelin Hova

And writing college rhymes, but the thrill is over

Let me assist you like a specialist

So you can pull it back and try catch the metaphors and the rest of this

It's not a problem wit X, I guess I'm a pessimist

Which means if shit goes bad, I say "I expected this"

And me and Julien we never got the chance to communicate

Instead of understanding its a tune of hate

The city's mine like Oklahoma's a Sooner state

And we're gonna have to cross paths whether soon or late

So, why don't you walk up in the spot using less strut

You aint Morris Chestnut, you lighter and less cut

And lets be honest, by now you should be your own scholar

You still a protege, that's the reason I don't holler

You got rappers being repetitive actors

You stay ahead of the game, I'm ahead of the practice boi

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