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Текст песни Chamillionaire - You Must Be Crazy (feat. Lil Ken)

27 сентября 2013 г. Просмотров: 1114 RSS
C » Chamillionaire

[Intro: Chamillionaire]

Chamillionaire's so - crazy

Look at the face of the media like you - crazy

You thought I'd fall, I'm sorry dawg ya - crazy

Mirror mirror on the wall, you are - crazy

I wonder if it's still called memory loss

if you can't remember the last time you lost, ha ha


Yeah, the only time I lose is when it's my memory

Haters comin around here, talkin about "Remember me?"

Nah, amnesia, Cham leader apparently

You are just a follower now I'm about to set a speed

that they can't keep up with, no one ahead of me

Victory is just, what I said that I can achieve

Bout to be trouble, you scared? I think you'd better leave

Hope you don't have asthma, ah-ahm, go 'head and breathe

Yeah, pull out your inhaler (go 'head and breathe)

You gon' have to catch your breath for this one

This the victory lap

Yeah, garage lift up, it'll create some enemies

Got the S-S in the middle of it like Tennessee

Sorry but the Ferrari there isn't friend-ly

The engine be runnin (PYOON!) like it's {?} keys

If she a freak don't handcuff her, just let her be

Get your G's like five letters after the letter B

Photocopy could possibly find a better me

Hot like two letters after the letter C

In the name of gang that's BEEN runnin the game

Help me explain and tell 'em, Chamillitary mayne

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]

I am a hustler, you gotta pay me

No time to sleep, I'm in the streets on the daily

When you a hustler, no bein lazy

I got it whenever you need it just page me

Hustler music, hustler music

Hustler music, I'm hustlin music

You thinkin, you thinkin I'ma lose baby

Either you stupid or you gotta be crazy, crazy

[Chamill] Ha ha (Famous) you ready Famous?

[Lil Ken] Hold up, I gotta take these 20 G's and take it to the bank G

[Chamill] Aight fo' sho' I got it

[Lil Ken] Hold up (YEAH!)


The Hype Williams to y'all rookies, you know that this is

a motion picture so SICK that I call it motion sickness

Jonathan Manyon the manuscript, so hold your pictures

Just like you're posin for strippers and tryin to show your riches

Materialistic I got a lot of material

Umm, I got a lot of... uhh, Cham-nesia

I probably break up with my own self and go solo

Versus for promo, oh no

[Lil Ken]

I'm a monster, up and cummin like dicks, no homo

A lil' too gangsta for them flicks, no photos

I'm high like gas, rose sticks and blow dodo

Hahaha, that Texas {shit}, fa sho' though

Fresh off the underground circuit

Straight into this overground circus (clown ass)

I'ma do numbers like the lotto

Shoot 'tron straight out the bottle

You not lookin at a role model

So, I say it one time and one time only (say it)

Not your buddy, not your pal or your homie

You know me (ha ha)

[Chorus w/ ad libs]


I'm like Bruh Man on the fifth flo'

'Cept I'm comin in through the front do'

I ain't gotta use the window - let's go!

Now please pass my passport because I'm it

I got groupies with longer hair than Cousin It

Brazilian ladies who tell me, "This bra just doesn't fit"

Twins in two rooms tryin to make me double dip

Shoulda known I would win, yeah, you thought you had it (what?)

Like my cars and my weapon that is automatic

This the part of the horror flick, where the white lady trips and falls

And me and Famous escape with the millions, ha ha

[Lil Ken]

Two heavyweights from the Lone Star State

And if 30's the new 20, I been hot since 8

Me flop just wait, not turn blue {nigga}

Tell 'em I'm FAMOUS, thought I was a new {nigga}

Thought you knew {nigga}, when I'm applyin pressure

The brothers play the back lookin like some rhymin extras

Cause I'm the star of the movie, can't move me

Don't try either, either

I'ma roast you then +Bak-er+ like Anita

{Fuck} hot, my records got the fever - stop actin like a diva!

They tellin Cham how they feelin me

I'm a universal asset, your whole team liabilities

So I ain't finna leave, so you ain't finna breathe

Cause I can cut it up or keep it cool like the winter breeze

My piece and chain symbolize respect

My mouthpiece symbolize a check, yup (Chamillitary mayne)

No kids here so how you gon' play me?

Boy tryin to cash out so how you gon' pay me? (hold up)

[Chorus - first 1/2]


No time to sleep I gotta keep goin

The hustler of all hustlers, I say it's somethin I borrow

Sell night to the day and then sell today to tomorrow

(No money don't even bother) Got some paper then call up

Call George Bush's daughter I sell her Katrina water (why?)

Just to get at her father, just so they have some evidence

I'm slick enough to take precedence from the president

America's worst nightmare is right here

I stay sizzlin like flares, look up, PYOON!

It's quite clear it's my year 'til I hear

Somebody's smoother then I'm the ruler, I'm like - where

is he at? Just let me know, I'ma bury him

under the rocks in the bottom of my aquarium

The chances of me losin this time are very slim

If he was bright then I'm turnin him down to very dim

If it ain't me in the sequel then there will be no sequel

You know the obvious reason is cause there is no equal

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