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Текст песни Chamillionaire - Won't Let You Down

27 сентября 2013 г. Просмотров: 1194 RSS
C » Chamillionaire


It seems that there's a deadly virus that's sweeping through the urban community

The side effects cannot often be seen because your pockets will not turn green

Some thought that there was no vaccine, But it seems that we have a cure

Chamillitary Mayne

Get off your couch and go get it

[Chorus - sung]

I'm up early in the morning thinking bout getting this money

All I know is I gotta get that paper

The hustlers told me that I gotta get it, get it

Now I'm gettin it the best way I know how

I won't let you down, won't let you down [4X]

I won't let you down


I'm up early than a mother, chasing mine cause I'm a hustler

Then tomorrow everything is gonna rewind

Only seven days a week and 24 hours a day

That ain't enough for me so I ain't wasting time

Cause only dreams come to sleepers and my life ain't getting cheaper

So you know them dollar signs, they on my mind

When they ask me where I'm goin? I say you already know

I'm bout to hit the streets and go and get what's mine, I won't let you down

Dreams of having finer things, Ridin blades and dreaming should

Make you wanna wake up and get it in real life than see the wood

In your grip, If you slip and don't grab what you see then good

Only place that you gonna be or ever see gonna be the hood



Boy that word ain't no excuse, You know what it mean to me

It means you passing over opportunities repeatedly

Write it on a piece of paper, Only thing I see is P

That paper, paper, paper chaser, better thing for me to be

Nah, my services ain't for free, make that money multiply

Early in the morning I be gone, chase with me, it ain't gonna be no tie

Try to explain and give em game, I don't know why I even try

You do the same if you was I, but you are you so you gonna lie

Make em think that you got cash, tell them ladies you got slabs

Only thing you get is laughs, You can't even bring down half

Of the bill that's on that tab, Only thing wrong with being broke

Is staying broke and making excuses bout it like there ain't no hope



I don't know how many times I gotta tell ya

In the hood, having no condition, I was having something

I remember it like it was yesterday

They was talking down on me and I lost a couple homies

I was getting mine while they used to play

They say I need to slow down but I ain't slowing down for nothing

I don't wanna let the paper get away

So when I'm in the streets grindin, ain't no need to be crying

The best way that you can help me is to pray I won't let you down

Partners that was getting lazy, Females that was acting crazy

Then promoters that tried to play me, Mixtape labels that didn't pay me

My old homies that ain't around me, Dissing rappers that came to find me

Major labels that didn't sign me, left all that nonsense behind me, I got paid



See, rich people ain't going to tell you how to get paid

And broke people act like they the richest people in the world

Always tellin people with money how to get it

Always spendin money that they thought they was gonna get.

Always buying things they can't afford.

Stop making excuses.

If chronic smoke makes him sleepy, he's gonna tell ya he got chronic fatigue

If liquor makes him drowsy, he gonna say he got that grey goose disease

If women keep taking his money, he gonna tell ya he slipped off his sleeve

Whatever your weakness, stop making excuses please

You should not be in couch or in house, you should be in route

If you gotta ask where, then that's the reason you ain't got nothing

You don't know how to listen, go get it

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