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Текст песни Chamillionaire - Standing Ovation

27 сентября 2013 г. Просмотров: 892 RSS
C » Chamillionaire


What's up man? I seen you got a Grammy and everything

You done change you ain't, you can't even call me back

You don't even call me back bruh

I called you, 75 times yesterday dawg

They cut my phone off, cause I was callin YOU

[Chamillionaire - singing]

Now that I got dough in my pockets

and a whole lot of profits seems like everybody loves me


It feels great, seems like e'rybody loves me

Round of applause for the cause, thank you, and thank you


Used to treat me like the bad guy from Houston and the media was like Darth Vader

People turnin like turntables, they crossin over like cross-faders

Try to switch up teams like ballplayers, so our enemies are like our neighbors

Keep 'em close, yeah very close, most of 'em are folks that's still on papers

You can work or you can have the work or we makin more than all of y'all wagers

Motivation makes hustlers make it so we successful cause y'all made us

Used to not give a flyin 'F' when they greeted us with that one finger

Whole world jumped on the tip when we hit the switch and sat on swangers

Hit the hood they say y'all famous, grindin hard so we can ball later

They be like "Damn, that boy made it" - if they say I didn't that's wrong data

First a broad will try to say I'm fraud

see me pull that wad and that guard changes

Callin me she wanna on the team and now she mad cause I'm ignorin pages

Boys thinkin that they concern me, y'all actin like y'all waiters

Same ones that used to walk past when we was underground but now we all majors

Keep speakin beggin for a beat and I'll tell the streets to do that boy a favor

Turnin purple blue and red, all flavors; I got a message for all haters


Made it to the top and it ain't no way to stop it

And I sho' ain't forgot when everybody used to judge me

Now that I got dough in my pockets

and a whole lot of profits seems like everybody loves me

I know you like my style, I know you like my style

I know you love the way I put it down

I made it through the haters

So when you see me shinin give me a standing ovation


I was bouncin back like ping-pong, "Ridin" became the new theme song

Beatin on my chest like I'm King Kong when I broke the record for the ringtones

You ever seen a platinum plaque that look like that then you seen wrong

Better sit back and relax cause my platinum reign is gonna seem long

And I don't blame boys for hatin

cause they was impatient and they didn't know the plan

I knew that somethin had to shake and it was gonna bubble like a Coca-Cola can

And I shook it up like a soda can, my wallet is overflowin man

Now my potential's unlimited like the minutes of my Motorola plan

Accountants and lawyers that got big business managers

Chamillitary is an enterprise, is you ready to ride? Is you a fan or what?

SoundScan'in in Africa, SoundScan'in in Canada

We don't play, yeah VMA's, it can't get any better, can it huh?

And I know it's hard to stay humble, they really thought I threw a fumble

I coulda caught that through the trees, I run it right into the jungle

Coulda been lil' Mugsy B., tryna back into Mutumbo

Woulda still been a victory for me, you win then they'll say they love you

[Chorus - latter 1/2]


Let's give 'em cheers (GIVE 'EM CHEERS) to everyone who thought I'd disappear

Thought that every word I said was a subliminal shot to disappear

Now I'm in a different gear, no beef, no hate, no dissin here

You musta been drunk to doubt me, you obviously didn't miss a beer

I used to argue 'bout everythang with folks that just didn't hear

You realize I was wastin words like whisperin in a missin ear

I'd say it good and real, they tellin me it isn't clear

My two eyes just didn't tear, cause weakness is what I didn't fear

It's a better result than last time but this grind it's a different year

I really should be commended for what I've accomplished, give a cheer

Nah matter fact I take that back (wonderful!)

Hold your applause for the sequel

We haven't gotten to the part where they try to cheat you (wicked)

Haha, geah... (Whoo! Chamillitary, you're a genius, you're a genius)




Wicked... whoo!

Chamillitary, you're a genius!

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