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Текст песни Chamillionaire - Somebody Gonna Get Hurt

27 сентября 2013 г. Просмотров: 900 RSS
C » Chamillionaire


I get that paper, I do it major

I'm stayin sucker-free and, I'm shakin haters (OHH!)

I ain't really tryin to hurt nobody (say what?)

I ain't really tryin to hurt nobody (say what?)

I ain't really tryin to hurt nobody

Is somebody gonna get hurt up in here? Probably


My money get jealous, I keep the dough in check

The checks bounce, give me cash and give me mo' interest

Rick Rock, now I get the dough goin west

20 thou' on the ground, what'chu wanna bet?

If I lose I roll another bet to even up

Keep lookin for the dough like I ain't seen enough

Fully equipped the whip, that would be a plus

Hop off the you-know-what and I'ma leave it up

(Tell us what you leavin up) The dough on the Lambo'

Don't try to be a Rambo or be an example

Passport paper, ain't a place that I can't go

Haters gettin sick 'bout to +Earl+, like Kimbo (ugh!)

Go ahead man, smack yourself silly

Rubberbands never fit when I package my scrilly

Overseas but I'm still the man back in my city

Ugh, put the cream on the acne like Diddy (what'chu mean?)

Show you how to make 'em put the paper in your face

Let the yellow bones know that it's time to skate

Pillsbury dough sho' make a lot of cake

Time to show all of these suckas how to paper chase

The blueprint for the paper, just rewind it back

Yeah our money cash cars, I be rhymin that

Stay ballin on the base like a Diamondback

While you in the crowd gettin mad because the concert packed



Two chicks talkin to me on the 3-way

Breeze blowin in the hair of my breezy

Woodgrain I'ma grab when you see me

Oakland in my hand like it's eBay

Both chicks beggin me to come to see A

No time like I ran out of prepaid

If you don't go and give this hotness to the DJ

You'll need a Doctor and it ain't gonna be Dre

Fans tryin to figure out and try to find who

the last verse of the last hearse applied to

I could tell you a lie and tell you it's not you

But like B on the ScanTron - not true

Cause y'all boys is costumes

I brush 'em off like the canvas in an art room

Bring it on boy, my victory's your doom

Your plan was to 'Samity Sam me but it's gone BOOM!



Some people hate to see you spendin the new bucks

You better not show your animosity to us

Hit gon' have the three K's like Klu Klux

So bring 'em to the barber that'll give 'em a crewcut

Yup! That mean minus a couple

Need to be findin your mind instead of findin some trouble

Cause it's obvious you lost when we up out of the huddle

Ready to blitz, yup - I seen you in outer space like a shuttle

Ha ha; one mil', two mil', three, fo' mil'

Stayin hungry like I missed the past fo' meals

Half a mil' still tell a man "No deal"

Ridin with the type of bananas you don't peel

Yeah, the type of weapon that don't jam

Like most of these rappers in this game that don't man

Plus the homie ridin with me is no fan

Don't bring the drama wit'chu if you ain't bringin no plan


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