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Текст песни Chamillionaire - Creepin' (Solo) (feat. Ludacris)

27 сентября 2013 г. Просмотров: 1104 RSS
C » Chamillionaire



In the streets I'm peepin game

I cant trust you, no no

All up in my biness mayne

I stay on the low low

Say they really really fake

Cant mess wit you no more

Closest people to you hate

So I be rolling solo

I'm creeping on the low low

Creepin on the low low

Creepin on the low low

I be rolling, I be rolling solo

I'm creeping on the low

Creepin on the low low

Creepin on the low low

I be rolling, I be rolling solo

I'm creeping on the low

More money yeah more problems

What biggy said it look like it true

Used to be my homeboy

But now I'm payed so they tryna sue

My garage got jaguars

My garage look like a zoo

Middle finger up for the haters

Hope the hater here isn't you

Super cool, that's real cool

You can feel like you gotta friend

But I ain't trusting my money counter

And that's the reason I count again

You saw the forbes (yeah)

I'm suspicious

Thinking everybody wanna take my riches

Cant take my money out my account

Cos my bank teller get motion sickness

Back and forth, b-back and forth

From in the streets or right back in court

Candy car built like a tank

And my crib built like a fort

Lets go to war

I ain't George bush

I promise ya'll I'm gonna be prepared

Cos I ain't trusting my weapon either

And that's the reason I keep a spare


I ain't hanging with none of ya'll

OutKast like three thou

Win the Grammy thing

Guard the family

And all of you gonna leave out

If you don't like it then peace out

Look around and I see doubt

I been known to get to the presidents

Like barack is on speed dial

Yeah its all about me now

Don't want ya and don't need ya

You don't grind and get to the money

And you ain't hungry I wont feed ya

I ain't hanging with no hater

No faker

No diva

I knew it big and they say they did

And tryna take my credit like stole visa

If its lonely at the top (top)

Id rather be alone

Cos the closest people to ya

The ones who gonna do ya wrong

Backstabbing me for a broad

I promise that I will lose no sleep

Cos jenny crank can be your freak

But my bank account gonna stay obese



I be, creeping lower than low

Light another blunt I'm smoking the dro

Choking, locking, never provoke him

And a drunk will get popped and ill open the do

Lungs full of smoke

That means slower than slow

Feel like I'm trapped and theres nowhere to go

So i, just pull out the bazooka (blah)

Put a fucking hole in the flo'

Luda! I'm so dope with the flow

Trunk fulla speakers, pocket fulla ??

How much would a wood chuck chuck

If a wood chuck could chuck wood

Gripping on the wheel

Turn it turn it

Blow another stack

I earned it earned it

Blow another ??

Pull another tram

Light another blunt

Burn it burn it

Flame it up

Hear my flow, I changed it up

Everybody grab your gats

And hold em, load, sock em, lock em, cock em

And aim it up

Bang it up

Off in the sky

Catch me rolling off in the ride

26 inches

Leave em defenceless

45 always tucked in the side

Open your eyes

See me cruising

Cos I keep winning and these boys keep losing

Plus I'm, the pimp of the year

Players is hating and hos is choosing

Look at all the hos you losing

Then look at all the game I got

And you can catch me creeping on the low low

Luda riding solo, beating the block!


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