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Текст песни Chamillionaire - Come Back To The Streets

27 сентября 2013 г. Просмотров: 945 RSS
C » Chamillionaire


Come back to the street (yeah) come back to the street (yeah)

Come back to, come back to, come back to the street (Chamillionaire)


Th-th-they callin me, c-come back to the street (they keep sayin my name)

They-they callin me, they-they callin me (they keep sayin my name)

Th-th-they callin me, come back to the street (they keep sayin my naaaaame)

They-they callin me, they-they callin me

[Chamillionaire – over interlude]

Even when I'm not there I'm there like air

Flesh off the plane from Spain and uhh

Back reclaim the rap game is yours truly

C'mon say it with me, Chamillitary mayne

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]

You should worry 'bout you while you worry 'bout me

At the top of the charts is where you know that I'll be

I got the streets on lock and I'm insertin my key

Come back to the streets, come back to the streets


Yeah! Hold up

I got the game on smash (uhh)


Had to make a couple trips up to the islands now I'm internationally known

Had to make another switch (switch) my bravado got the international phone

Had to add a little bit (bit) to the rider;

first class how I asked to be flown

And they kept ca-allin me tellin me, "Get back in your zone"

These boys is cartoon characters, too much imagination

It's a little too much animation

callin me cause they know Cham can erase 'em

Traveled all over the world, and my experience is

that y'all experience less, y'all ain't experience shit

Yeah, I grabbed the Grammy I'm holdin one

Got plenty stripes, way more than some

Hush your mouthpiece hold your tongue

No obstacle could ever slow my run

When it come to rappin I'm the coldest one

Put my hand in the air and I froze the sun

Platinum plaque and not a golden one

Then I look at y'all like, "I told ya, uhh!"

Been a boss, when them cars

pull up I bet you that men'll pause

Yeah men-o-pause like women drawers

I bet ya I'll show you how to kill that noise

Phantom of the Opera passin by ya copper

in the new Phantom, phantom is a dropper

Cash I got a lot, ya mad cause you are not

the talk up in the streets and mad cause you are not, uhh

They say it's got to be street - they say it's got to be street

They say it's got to be street - don't go commercial Koopa

it's got to be street

The major label ain't the only thing +Universal+ about me

Come back to the streets (uhh) come back to the streets

Them gimmick rappers they focus, most of these jokers is jokers

But I don't even play poker, pullin down your cheesy lookin posters

They look up to me like a bird, I look down on them like the curb

My movement lookin like it's movin, your movement look like a ERRRT!




Yeah, yeah

Life I live is just like a movie

I'm a corporation they tryin to sue me

Phony people be tryin to glue me

to they side and try stick it to me

Lucky for me that I got the toolie

Not Black & Decker but it's black I'll bet ya

Stay in the streets, do that for pleasure

So much paper they ask to measure

When the ruler of stackin moolah is speakin to ya don't interrupt

Middle finger up on the ceilin, somebody gon' eff you up

Don't let the black tux fool you cause I am not the one

I come out the suit like, Clark Kent to make sure you're done

Rappers ain't real rappers, they fakers and fronters

They Caucasian in the winter then turn Jamaican in the summer

Flippin with pimp man that straw in ya

you know they ain't just some gunners

Personal trainers that'll bring a couple thangs and make you a +Runner+

Kinda like the producers that made this track (track)

We producin some major stacks (stacks)

And you losers need to face the facts

Put up your deuces the ace is back

Take out the rappers you think are wack

Put Chamillitary in place of that

Watch I'ma race in and take the plaques

then I unloosen a case of BLAP, BLAP!

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