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Текст песни Celine Dion - Les Roses Blanches

5 ноября 2013 г. Просмотров: 1351 RSS
C » Celine Dion

[The White Roses]

C'etait un gamin un gosse de Paris

Sa seule famille etait sa mere

Une pauvre fille aux grands yeux fletris

Par le chagrin et la misere

[It was a kid a boy from Paris

His sole family was his mother

A poor girls with big faded eyes

By sorrow and misery]

Elle aimait les fleurs, les roses surtout

Et le cher bambin, le dimanche

Lui apportait des roses blanches

Au lieu d'acheter des joujoux

La calinant bien tendrement

Il disait en les lui donnant

[She loved flowers, especially roses

And the beloved child, on Sundays

Was bringing her some white roses

Instead of buy toys for himself

Caressing her tenderly

He was saying while giving them to her]

Tiens ma jolie maman

Voici des roses blanches

Toi qui les aimes tant

Va quand je serai grand

J'acheterai au marchand

Toutes ses roses blanches

Pour toi jolie maman

["Today it's Sunday

Here my beautiful mom

Here are some white roses

You who love them so much

Go when I'll grow old

I will buy from the store

All of his white roses

For you beautiful mommy"]

Au dernier printemps le destin brutal

Vint frapper la blonde ouvriere

Elle tomba malade et pour l'hopital

Le gamin vit partir sa mere

Un matin d'avril parmi les promeneurs

N'ayant plus un sous dans sa poche

Sur un marche le pauvre gosse

Furtivement vola quelques fleurs

La fleuriste l'ayant surpris, en baissant la tete il lui dit

[On last spring brutal destiny

Came hitting the blond worker

She became ill and for the hospital

The boy saw his mother leave

A morning of april among the walkers

Not having anymore a single penny in his pocket

On the market the poor boy

Furtively stole some flowers

The florist (woman) having caught him, lowering his eyes he told her]

Et j'allais voir maman

J'ai pris ces roses blanches

Elle les aiment tant

Sur son petit lit blanc

La-bas elle m'attend

J'ai pris ces roses blanches

Pour ma jolie maman

["Today it's Sunday

And I was going to visit mommy

I took those white roses

She love them so much

On her little white bed

In there she's waiting for me

I took those white roses

For my beautiful mommy"]

La marchande emue doucement lui dit

Elle l'embrassa et l'enfant partit

Tout rayonnant qu'on le pardonne

Puis a l'hopital il vint en courant

Pour offrir les fleurs a sa mere

Mais en le voyant une infirmiere

Lui dit:

Et le gamin s'agenouillant, dit devant le petit lit blanc

[The touched merchant told him softly

"Have them I give them to you"

She kissed him and he left

All shinning that he was forgiven

Then to the hospital he came running

To offer the flowers to his mother

But seeing him a nurse

Told him: "You no longer have a mommy"

And the boy kneeling down told in front of the little white bed]

Tiens ma jolie maman

Voici des roses blanches

Toi qui les aimais tant

Et quand tu t'en iras

Au grand jardin la-bas

Ces belles roses blanches

Tu les emporteras

["Today it's Sunday

Here my beautiful mom

Here are some white roses

You who loved them so much

And when you'll leave

To the great garden up there

Those beautiful white roses

You'll bring them along"]

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