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Cassidy - Ain't Gonna Happen

15 июля 2012 г. Просмотров: 1243 RSS
C » Cassidy


But it ain’t gonna happen

Oh shit, never

Niggas talking bout I fell off


You can’t be serious

So I’m about to jump in my bag

Just in case y’all niggas forgot

How I give you music, yeah

I was a kid hustling, ribs touching

Grinding for a grub

3 wings will hurt you when I’m in the hub

Hand to hand in the drub with my hand on the snob

Cause man I’m thug, is you a man or a bug

I’m back in that damn bar with my hand in the glove

On my grizzle, I give you a half grand for a dub

I’m working now, got the sour kush and the purple now

I got it if you tryina cop it

You ain’t gotta search around

I purchase pounds and flirt around with that white chick

That white shit will have your nose red like a circus clown

If I ain’t laying verses down, then I’m on the strip

I got that word flipping like them bitches in the circus now

It’s like the universal soul when that work is sold

And I got the roxies and perks if you tryina purchase those

Thirsty hoes popping pills like it’s birth control

500 milligrams, I’m a drug dealer man

You gotta play your cards right but if you deal a hand

You could make a killing man and blow like a ceiling fan

Listen, sipping liquor’s a good feeling man

I was a cogniac man, now I’m a tequila man

I’m rapping grands up in my sun silly bands

And my pinky ring cost bout a half of kilogram

I was on some living in my mama house shit

Now I’m in Nemen spending mortage money on an outfit

I clean my jewels with the shit you clean your mouth with

Either ... success si my soul mate

You sure fake, I’m the truth, not a pretender

I got 1 ...niggas are all ...remember

And I could fight but even a ninja could get injured

So I keep the hammer on me like Thor from the avenger

I’m like a super her, you’s a weirdo

So I get you robbed like denero

When you say hustle birds

That get on my fucking nerves

Cause you never fuck with them birds

You like a scarecrow

My weed green but got orange hairs though

And it’s real strong like that man Samson when his hair grow

I put in years, you’re years ago

You could barely flow so prepare for your burial

You hear me, yo

Cause I’m the illest alive

You want my title, then you must be suicidal nigga

Willing to die

I’m still on my job, I ain’t retire nigga

I’m fire nigga, you say you hot

But stop singing to the choir nigga

I still eat you up, I ain’t on a diet nigga

You could get your ass chewed, quick like fast food

The last dude that tried to body cast

Got every bone in his body smashing

Thrown in a body cask

I kick somebody ass like karate class

Be cash jumping in this jet li bag

If you owe me cash, I’m grabbing the ski mask

And the glock you in high water like a tea bag

I don’t need a g pass, I go where I wanna go

Cause I could rumble yo, and niggas know my gun will blow

I’m undefeated fire murder cases, I wanna know

It was a set back, but you gotta respect that

Before I took 10 steps forward I had to step back

If you thought that I’ma step up, you got me f’d up

I’m still regretting all the chicken that I messed up

But still start spending the chicken soon as the check cut

I’m dressed up, snap back and a fresh cut

Guess what, my flow so sick, I should go get checked up

Cause I’m real ill, feel where I’m coming from

I’m in the Escalade, rims older than my youngest son

I just bought another gun, if you talk stupid

I’ma start to shoot it, and I put that on my other sun

I’m not pressed to catch another case

But you a son of a bitch and I say it to your mother face

The ball rhymes got the best lines

But this next line is an oxymoron

Niggas love to hate

Feel me nigga, I’m from Philly nigga

Still repping my city nigga, I just hustle in another state

You motherfuckers fake, I can’t fucking wait

To see you, confront you then punch you in your fucking face

I mean, there’s a big difference

Between what they do and what we do, mayhem music! Damn that shit was dope

There’s a wide variety of mayhem here

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